House Restoration Project

Fire damaged property in New Street, Desborough

Everyone connected with the Services Club was both equally shocked by the fire damage that occurred to the home of board member Dave Ward, and touched by the way that the community has rallied round and helped him get back onto his feet.

When it became apparent that there was insurance issues with relation to the property, it left a much loved member of the Services Family in  a very precarious and difficult position.  It was obvious that Dave was going to need the help of those around him like nobody ever could have imagined.  Financial assistance started to regularly come in both into the club and also via donations from complete strangers but that did not help with the restoration of a very badly fire damaged property. 

Enter our hero, Steve Wells to the fore....


The Rebuild


Help from the community

From  a very early stage, Steve had decided that he was going to oversee the restoration of Dave's house.  He was going to need help and assistance from  people with different trades and skill sets, so a month after the fire Steve sent out a plea to all locally based businesses, tradesmen etc. to assist with getting our friend back into his home.  The offers of help soon started to come in!

Restoration Project - Day 1

The first skip was delivered courtesy of Rainwater Direct, a Desborough based company that are specialists in the distribution of Heritage Cast Iron, Aluminium and UPVC ‘Cast Iron Style’ rainwater systems throughout the UK. 

On the evening of the 2nd July, Steve assembled a team to fill the first skip with fire damaged items.

Restoration Project - Day 2 - 21/07/18

Rainwater Direct Deliver

Rainwater direct again come up trumps and assisted with the costs of a second skip.  Further clearance work was undertaken by the fabulous services Club regulars (including 15 year old Liam!).  Another skip filled but it was clear we were going to need more.....


Restoration Project - Day 3 - 08/08/18


Another Skip

Another skip delivered, this time from  a local company Bakers Waste Services, at a cut-down price.

The Clearance Continues....

The kitchen ceiling was deliberately brought down, it was too badly fire damaged.  Much more debris and destroyed items were removed.  

Photographs and Memorabilia saved

Thankfully and luckily, many of Dave's treasured photographs and memorabilia were saved fom the fire

Thank you to the following companies and individuals for your amazing support