Club Membership

Membership Fees for Desborough Servicemens Club  for 2018

2019 Fees

To be a member of the club for 2019 the following fees must be paid:

  • Adult (Single)  - £10.00
  • Adult (Joint) - £19.00
  • Loyalty Members - £5.00

An application fee of £2.00 will  charged for new members.

To quality for Loyalty Membership you must be 65+ years and have been a club member for 10 consecutive years.

Existing members are expected to renew their membership at the earliest opportunity during January. Failure to do so may result in a new application being required with a £2.00 application fee payable.

Members are expected to have a key fob to allow entry to the premises.  A £5.00 deposit is charged that will be returned on cessation of membership and return of the fob.

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each  year.  Applicants please note that if accepted for membership, late payment of annual subscription fees may result in  a penalty payment or suspension/cancellation of membership.

Please note that the The Board of Management and the Bar Staff reserve the right to ask for proof of membership at anytime.

New Members

All new members are under a 6 months probationary period and can have their membership terminated during this time if deemed necessary

Guest Fees

Guests of current members are expected to pay a fee for using the club.   The guest must be accompanied by a current club member and it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the guest pays the appropriate guest fee and signs the guest book.

The Fees are:

£2 - Standard Day/Entertainment

£3 - New Years Eve

The Guest Fee bands are agreed by members during the previous Annual General Meeting.

Membership Rules

  • Membership cards should be carried at all times and shown to a Board Member if requested.
  • Members can sign a guest in but are responsible for the conduct of this person through out their visit and the visitor must pay a £1 entrance fee and sign the guest book (see section on Guest Fees above).  Non-members can visit upto a maximum of 3 time a year and then must apply for membership if they wish to continue to visit the club.
  • Members who take children to the club are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of the children when in the club and its surrounds and must ensure that they do not run around inside.
  • Smoking of any type of tobacco (including E-Cigarettes) is not permitted within the building.

General Points

The following general points are not considered acceptable by the Board of Management or other club members and could lead to supension of membership and ultimate expulsion:

  1. Rowdiness or fighting
  2. Persistent loud and abusive or offensive language
  3. Abuse of any kind towards the staff
  4. The usage or selling of any illegal substances anywhere within the club premises or grounds
  5. The purchase of any alcohol for under-age drinkers or the drinking of any alcohol not purchased from the club bar
  6. Damage to club property or theft

Application Form

The Membership Application form can be dowloaded here and printed.  Please fill out the form and take it along with your membership and application fee to the club.  Our staff members will be pleased to assist.

Desborough Services - Membership Application form (pdf)