Members Draw and Tote

Membership Draw

The Membership draw on Sunday 7th July 2019 was drawn in the club.  The member with the winning membership number was not present in the club.

Therefore the money pot rolls over and stands at £16 next week.


You must be in the club at the time of the membership draw to claim the cash prize.

For every week that the cash prize is not won, the prize fund increases by £1


The Tote results for Sunday 7th July 2019 are as follows:

Numbers 20 and 23

The following 3 winners receive £16.50 each:

1  Dave Frost

2  Steve Stratford

3  Roy Vincent

Total Takings : £68.00

Paid to Club : £17.00

Less: Snowball : £1.00

Prize Fund : £50.00

How to play the Tote

Playing the tote is simple and can cost as little as 30p per week for 6 attempts.  The tote forms are available at the bar.  Simply fill in the form with your chosen numbers and place in one of the available envelopes along with your stake money.  Place the sealed envelope in the brown tote box.  Ask a member of staff if you are unclear with what you need to do, they will be pleased to help.